A downloadable game

Inaka project is a work in progress. Follow my Twitter for occasional updates.

✿ F.A.Q ✿

  • What is the game called?

It currently does not have a name, but my game project file is called Inaka Project, so that's what we'll call it for now.

  • What is the game about? 

It is about a post officer traveling the countryside of Japan delivering letters and talking to the locals. You will go through a main story and explore open areas as you desire. It had been a hobby project for about a year and it's still considered very early in development.

  • What platform are you publishing it on?

PC for now.

  • When will it be released?

I don't know. It's considered a hobby project. Expectations should be low.

  • What are you using to develop the game?

I am currently using Unreal Engine as the engine, Blender for 3D modelling, Photoshop for textures, and Arcweave for storyboarding.