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Beautiful atmosphere - felt like I genuinely knew each character as an individual even in the short run time. Would love to play more!

I purchased this game on but would love to be able to play this natively on the Steam deck. Do you happen to offer Steam keys for this game for your backers?

Beautiful game. 10/10



Is there a way to end the item descriptions early? I feel like I get stuck on them for a minute at a time and there’s no indication of when I can move again.

Beautiful and calming, I wanted to live there forever. There's something so touching about all the little personal descriptions. I loved the music as well!

The game was so relaxing and enjoyable to play! I will always love the nostalgia of comfy asian homes and rainy days. This really made me tear up thinking about my family overseas.

I played it with a group of a friends and we all thought that it was so beautiful to experience. I’ll definitely be playing it again by myself!

Thank you for this experience!


It looks really well! :)